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An eye for an eye …. I stand corrected

I was a bit late in dropping my daughter off for school, so I wasn’t able to escape without being caught in the hallways, listening to the national anthem, and then the grade six students reading the morning announcements. As I was making my way out the front door, I heard the school’s quote of […]

The Urban Myth of the “Maple Leaf Forever” tree

I was out of town this weekend, so I missed a horrific storm Friday night that knocked down several trees around Toronto, including an historic maple on Laing street. It is a tree with deep connection to my family roots, as well as the source of an urban myth connecting it to the song “The […]

Celebrating Canada Day

I was recently asked to put some thoughts together about what it means to be Canadian. It is for a CBC publicity initiative that will be posted online closer to Canada Day: What do I think it means to be Canadian? I think it means – you’re pretty open to other ideas – and adopting […]