Mike Wise

Toronto anchor and journalist

Mike’s Biography

Mike Wise in the CBC Toronto newsroom

Mike Wise is the anchor of CBC Toronto News at 11 which airs weeknights at 11:00pm on CBC Television in Toronto.

He is also a part-time journalism instructor at Humber College, where he teaches about emerging technologies in journalism, TV and video production and basic website design.

He enjoys writing about digital literacy and strategies for coping with information overload.

Mike WiseMost recently, Mike was the Ontario Legislative reporter for CBC TV and CBC News Network (a position he held for seven years, three Premiers, four opposition leaders and two provincial elections). While there, he initiated several groundbreaking journalism projects aimed at finding new ways of connecting viewers with the world of politics. His award winning series “Queen’s Park: Making the Grade” followed several high school students as they developed their own private members’ bills, attracted political support, and ultimately saw their bills introduced and debated in the Ontario Legislature. He also collaborated with Student Vote and Facebook on a series called “The Great Canadian Wish List.” It marked the first time the social networking site had partnered with a broadcaster anywhere in the world.

Mike holds an honours degree in Political Studies from Queen’s University in Kingston. He started at CBC when he was just 17 and still in high school. One of his first responsibilities was to work on the 1988 federal election broadcast, even though he wasn’t legally old enough to vote.