Studio Q Archives

Mike Wise posing with Studio Q camera
Queen’s University, circa 1993

I spent much of my undergrad at Queen’s University working on Studio Q, the university’s student produced newscast.  For years, I carted around with me a collection of old VHS tapes containing various episodes. I eventually got around to digitizing them and putting them on YouTube. This is my collection of episodes from the early years of Studio Q.

Season 2 (1990-1991)

Season 3 (1991-1992)

Season 4 (1992-1993)

Season 5 (1993-1994)

Studio Q logo
Studio Q logo – 1993

Additional Archival Material:

Studio Que (1980-1989)

Season 6 (1994-1995)

Season 12 (2001-2002)

Studio Q / QTW (2013-present) – YouTube Channel

From Studio Cue to Queen’s TV (Queen’s Journal – September 17, 2007)

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