Time for the Great Facebook Reset

List of Facebook friends
Some of my Friend's Lists

Facebook is now officially rolling it’s updated Timeline profile setting to all of its users. I’ve had the service for six weeks now, and wrote an article about my experience setting it up for CBC.CA.

I argue that as you set up your Timeline profile, you should also perform a “Facebook Reset.” Since you have to review your settings, you may as well do some spring cleaning of your profile. Clean out the stuff that’s expired or gone bad.

It is an opportunity to prune your list of friends. If you don’t feel like cutting off connections with some people, you can take advantage of Facebook’s Friend’s List function, and organize you online connections into groups that are meaningful to you.

Since setting up Timeline, I’ve put restrictions on photos of my family, so that only a list of close, trusted friends can view them. I’ve grouped my closest high school and university friends into separate lists, to share memories from those times together. Some postings I’ve restricted to just one or two friends.

You can read my entire review of Timeline here:

Facebook Timeline is a new frontier in online scrapbooking (CBC.CA)

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