Holiday Overload

Gingerbread house by Andrew Kelsall.
Image via Wikipedia

My wife and I were joking that we’re glad the holiday season is almost over, because we can go back to eating normal amounts of food. We’ve been blessed in the past few weeks to have an abundance of chocolate treats, baked goods and holiday leftovers filling our kitchen. We hope that with the end of the holiday season, we’ll see a return of more disciplined portions and measured consumption of rich foods in January.

As I return to work, I face a similar problem of having an abundance of information to sort through. Fortunately for me, I don’t feel the same complusion to stuff my face (and my brain) with the reckless abandonment I would scarf down my mom’s homemade cookies over the holidays.

One of my key responsibilities at work is to research, track and develop my own story ideas. One of the main tools I use for that is Google Reader. I have an iPhone app that syncs my online collection of RSS feeds with my handheld device so that even as I ride the subway to work I can constantly review new story ideas and developments in the online world. It is not uncommon for me to sort through hundreds and hundreds of stories a day.

Having just returned from 5 days off for the holdiays (including a well placed weekend) I now face a Google Reader account that is bursting at the seams. I may have rested, but the unending stream of information that comes my way every hour of the day has not.

This morning, we decided to throw out what remained of the gingerbread house we’d been devouring over the week. Best to cut our losses and move on, confident that we wouldn’t moss the calories (fortunatley for us there’s always more food). I made the same decision with my backlog of RSS feeds. Rather than scarf down empty, dated information that is sitting there, I marked the items as read, and then decided to just process the new information as it comes in.

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