The 11 Commandments of Screen Hygiene

In her highly entertaining book “The Winter of Our Disconnect“, author Susan Maushart details the lessons her family of 3 teenagers learned when they lived without technology for six months.

At the end of the book, she sums up her lessons:

The 11 Commandments of Screen Hygiene

  • Thou shalt not fear boredom
  • Thou shalt not “multitask” (not until by kingdom come, thy homework be done)
  • Thou shalt not surf mindlessly (open up a browser, and wonder “what was I looking for?”)
  • Thou shalt not text and drive (or talk, or sleep)
  • Thou shalt keep the Sabbath as screen free day
  • Thou shalt keep thy bedroom a media free zone
  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s upgrade
  • Thou shalt set your accounts to “private”
  • Thou shalt bring no media to thy  dinner
  • Thou shalt bring no dinner to thy media
  • Thou shalt love the real world, with all thy heart and all thy soul


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