My Social Media Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year
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I have always been interested in ideas around digital distractions and finding ways to limit our addictions to technology (it is a constant challenge for me). With the start of the new year, I thought I’d lay out some of my social media resolution for 2018:

  • Going on a Diet: Throughout 2017, I tried to limit the number of social media posts I sent out (I averaged about 2-3 a month on Facebook). I’m going to try doing the same in 2018. I’m wary of oversharing. Rather than quantity, I’d rather go for quality, even though that is a very loaded term (who am I to decide whether or not the content I share is worthy of anyone else’s attention).
  • No more pictures of food: If I really want you to see what I’m eating, I’ll invite you to share in a meal.
  • No more “Happy Birthday” wall posts: I’ve found Facebook really promotes weak social links. If I really want to acknowledge your birthday I’ll send you an email or a message, seek you out at work to congratulate you, or perhaps even give you a call (remember when phones did that?). If I really get my act together, I might even send you a card (no promises).
  • No more sharing vacation photos while still on vacation: If the idea of a vacation is to relax and disconnect, why should I ruin that by seeking out a public wifi connection so I can upload photos proving that I have gotten away from it all? If I get some nice shots, I might share them when I get back.
  • No more check-ins: Does anyone really care that I’ve checked-in to a restaurant or a tourist location except social media companies who are trying to monetize my social graph in other people’s feeds?
  • No public displays of affection on social media: The people I care about know that I care about them because I hopefully tell them I do so in our private moments together. There’s no need to make embarrassing public proclamations during birthdays or anniversaries.
  • No more #soblessed (how about more #Matthew 6:5): I am very fortunate to have found success and happiness in many aspects of my life. I’ll acknowledge that privately, thank-you very much.
  • No more TLDR (too long, didn’t read): I vow that if I share an article or video on social media, I’ll have actually read all of it, or watched it to the very end. I might even try to write up some context to my shares, and explain why I found a particular article or argument worthy of reading.

I’ve dusted off my personal blog for the new year, and hope to post more ideas here over the coming months.

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