Season 2

Studio Q – Season 2

Anchor: Bruce Sellery & Bronwen Low


  • Journal House Investigation/ Reporter: Michael Wise
  • AMS Elections/ Reporter: Marichka Melnyck
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kingston (Satire) / Reporter: Jamie Farr
  • Student Sprinklers/ Reporter: Bruce Sellery

March 1991 Lineup:

  • Rites of Passage documentary/ Reporter: Tom Costain
  • Streetwise: How would you run the AMS?/ Reporter: Lenore MacAdam
  • Sports: World Junior Curling Championships
  • Sports: CFL Draft  / Reporter: Paul Barsanti
  • Na bann profile – Liz Kingstone clip
  • Posing as a high school student touring campus
  • Campus calendar
  • Campus Slang / Reporter: Nick Kindler
  • Queen’s Video yearbook – promotional video

Studio Q Behind the scenes feature – profile of Nick Kindler’s slang item

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